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Bennettsbridge, County Kilkenny

If you've been to any high end gift shop in Ireland, you've no doubt seen Nicholas Mosse pottery at some stage. (Whether you knew...

Carrick Woods

“Mummy, it’s a girl’s princess tower,” my son disagreed, “it’s a boy tower.” The old wooden bench where my husband and I played in years passed was gone, but otherwise the place was unchanged...

Saint Brigid’s Cathedral and Kildare Village in Ireland

  On a whim my little family decided to take a trip to Kildare last Saturday afternoon. “Kildare Town dates from the 5th Century, when...

What in the world is a Babychino?

In Ireland even babies drink tea. I’ve seen several young mothers give their toddlers milk with tea in a baby bottle and am told...

The Bray to Greystones Cliff Trail Hike in Ireland

The Bray to Greystones Cliff Trail Hike in Ireland
An outstanding day hike trail for both city-dwellers and rural residents alike. The walk along the sea between Bray and Greystones mixes both the...

Lavender Bees

Looking for a hand-made, home-grown, Irish gift to bring home? Look no further, Lavender Bees is the best!

East Wicklow Hills Getaway, Ireland

This week I got to visit one of my favorite areas in Ireland so far: and I don't even know what to call it....

The Stradbally Steam Rally in Ireland

Monday dawned a gorgeous sunny day and Stradbally Hall opened its beautiful gates to invite the crowds into the long anticipated annual event dating...

Mount Usher Gardens

mount usher garden hydrangea examplevideo
This year, for my mom's birthday, I wanted to take her to someplace beautiful. She loves gardens and flowers, so I typed into Google:...

Emo Court, Ireland

Emo Court
  One fine day, a handsome man drove me through the tall trees, in all their autumn glory, up the long driveway to Emo Court....

Extraordinary Authors

Heather Cammack
Rachel Miller
Gregory Margas