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Fox Hunting in Ireland

Fox Hunt
Fox hunting is a unique sport that is still practiced in Ireland today as a means of pest control and fun for hunt club...

East Wicklow Hills Getaway, Ireland

This week I got to visit one of my favorite areas in Ireland so far: and I don't even know what to call it....

Carrick Woods

“Mummy, it’s a girl’s princess tower,” my son disagreed, “it’s a boy tower.” The old wooden bench where my husband and I played in years passed was gone, but otherwise the place was unchanged...

A Small Town With A Big Boxing Club in Portlaoise

  Boxing in Ireland is huge. It’s actually the number one Olympic sport in Ireland. Although I wouldn't consider myself a boxer, I’ve been blessed...

What in the world is an Irish Bouzouki?

Ok, this is an Irish Bouzouki, not to be confused with a Greek Bouzouki. It came to Ireland with a big belly and it...

Kildare Farm Foods

The other day I had a friend over for tea and she suggested we take the kids to Kildare Farm Foods (kildarefarmfoods.com), not too...

A Braveheart-ed visit to Trim Castle

  I have wanted to visit Trim Castle for quite some time now, but I decided to wait until now knowing that my family was...

Friendly Ireland vs USA in Ireland

  Recently, I attended my first ever professional soccer match which was held at the new Aviva Stadium in Dublin. I had been planning on...

A Day at Bunratty Castle and Folk Park

The air was crisp and clean as we piled out of our Grand scenic bundling the kids and filling the buggies with warm blankets. Though there was no snow on the ground, the chilly winter weather had me thinking twice about walking around too much; however, the excitement of getting to see this castle and Irish folk park had me raring to go. I've heard from many people that Bunratty was a "must see" and now I can join the chorus.

Saint Brigid’s Cathedral and Kildare Village in Ireland

  On a whim my little family decided to take a trip to Kildare last Saturday afternoon. “Kildare Town dates from the 5th Century, when...

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