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The Stradbally Steam Rally in Ireland

Monday dawned a gorgeous sunny day and Stradbally Hall opened its beautiful gates to invite the crowds into the long anticipated annual event dating...

Castle Cahir in Ireland

Cahir Castle
  The first time I visited Castle Cahir I was with my brother in law and his three sons who live in Norway and were...

Friendly Ireland vs USA in Ireland

  Recently, I attended my first ever professional soccer match which was held at the new Aviva Stadium in Dublin. I had been planning on...

Take a walk in Ireland

One of the first things I noticed about the Irish when I first came was how many of them walk. Every day, rain or...

A Small Town With A Big Boxing Club in Portlaoise

  Boxing in Ireland is huge. It’s actually the number one Olympic sport in Ireland. Although I wouldn't consider myself a boxer, I’ve been blessed...

Fox Hunting in Ireland

Fox Hunt
Fox hunting is a unique sport that is still practiced in Ireland today as a means of pest control and fun for hunt club...

Christmas Time in Ireland – Christmas Markets

  As the Christmas season has arrived, we've decided to hit all the Christmas markets we possibly can to fully participate in all this season...

What in the world is a Babychino?

In Ireland even babies drink tea. I’ve seen several young mothers give their toddlers milk with tea in a baby bottle and am told...

Emo Court, Ireland

Emo Court
  One fine day, a handsome man drove me through the tall trees, in all their autumn glory, up the long driveway to Emo Court....

The Bray to Greystones Cliff Trail Hike in Ireland

The Bray to Greystones Cliff Trail Hike in Ireland
An outstanding day hike trail for both city-dwellers and rural residents alike. The walk along the sea between Bray and Greystones mixes both the...

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