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What in the world is an Irish Bouzouki?

Ok, this is an Irish Bouzouki, not to be confused with a Greek Bouzouki. It came to Ireland with a big belly and it...

Stinging Nettles in Ireland

stinging nettles in Ireland
Neantóg (Irish for stinging nettles) is a plant very similar to a poison ivy. When traveling around Ireland, please beware of this as it...

Childish Wonder in Ireland

heart mud puddle
As the clouds roll in and the grey covers the sky once again I am grateful; grateful for my babies; grateful for little glimpses of sunshine, wonder, childish enthusiasm, and friendly strangers. This is Ireland.

Destination: Donegal

If you're thinking of taking a trip to Donegal, do it. Well, read this, then do it.

A Day at Bunratty Castle and Folk Park

The air was crisp and clean as we piled out of our Grand scenic bundling the kids and filling the buggies with warm blankets. Though there was no snow on the ground, the chilly winter weather had me thinking twice about walking around too much; however, the excitement of getting to see this castle and Irish folk park had me raring to go. I've heard from many people that Bunratty was a "must see" and now I can join the chorus.

Bennettsbridge, County Kilkenny

If you've been to any high end gift shop in Ireland, you've no doubt seen Nicholas Mosse pottery at some stage. (Whether you knew...

Racket Hall

A lovely spot for a cup of tea in Roscrea.

Russborough House – County Wicklow

  Last year I started a note in my phone called "places to go" because friends were always telling me about different places I hadn't heard...

Blackberry Season in Ireland

‘Tis the season! Berry picking in Ireland. I ran out of my precious stock of last year’s frozen blackberries a little over a month ago and...

What in the world is a Babychino?

In Ireland even babies drink tea. I’ve seen several young mothers give their toddlers milk with tea in a baby bottle and am told...