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Snow in Ireland

Last night our beautiful green island was covered in snow; at least in our area. I think it must have snowed about 2 inches...

Christmas Crafting in Ireland

Last Saturday I hosted some ladies from church for our monthly women's breakfast, thinking it would be fun to do a Christmas craft with...

Easy bouquet in Ireland

It is nearly December and the fields in Ireland remain a brilliant emerald green. The leaves have fallen off many trees but evergreens and...

Our version of the Pallet Wall in Ireland

As I wrote in my last post, the ease of renting and finding a home in Ireland has been amazing, especially after having moved...

Renting in Ireland: the Benefits

One of the (many) benefits of living in Ireland is the ease of renting a home. In America, whether you are moving out of...

Bathroom Light Switches in Ireland

Light switches are a funny thing in Ireland, at least to this former American construction worker/home builder. I’m used to walking into the bathroom,...

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