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Christmas Crafting in Ireland

Last Saturday I hosted some ladies from church for our monthly women's breakfast, thinking it would be fun to do a Christmas craft with...

Discovering Mud Puddles and thinking about Wellies

Yesterday, I took my baby girl out for a walk. The sky was clear and the weather not too cold, unlike today, which is...

Easy bouquet in Ireland

It is nearly December and the fields in Ireland remain a brilliant emerald green. The leaves have fallen off many trees but evergreens and...

How To Build A Turf Fire In Your Stove

How To Build A Turf Fire
I've been wanting to write on this topic for some time now. It may seem trivial to some and probably humorous to my Irish...

Chocolate Ginger Florentines an Irish handmade treat

Indulge yourself with an Irish treat; Dark Chocolate and Ginger Florentines.

Our version of the Pallet Wall in Ireland

As I wrote in my last post, the ease of renting and finding a home in Ireland has been amazing, especially after having moved...

Spring in Ireland and the Irish Calendar

daffodils are an amazing part of Spring in Ireland
It is spring in Ireland, or so they say; here we follow the Irish calendar... where SPRING is: February, March, and April; SUMMER: May, June, July; AUTUMN: August,...

Ms. “P’s” Irish Scones Recipe

I don’t believe I know a single Irish woman who doesn’t know how to make a good cup of tea and a few scones...

Bathroom Light Switches in Ireland

Light switches are a funny thing in Ireland, at least to this former American construction worker/home builder. I’m used to walking into the bathroom,...

Clean a Kettle in Ireland

Limescale is a problem in our area. Learning how to clean a kettle is the solution. We use water filters for our drinking water...

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