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Ms. “P’s” Irish Scones Recipe

I don’t believe I know a single Irish woman who doesn’t know how to make a good cup of tea and a few scones...

Easy bouquet in Ireland

It is nearly December and the fields in Ireland remain a brilliant emerald green. The leaves have fallen off many trees but evergreens and...


2017-03-05 16.58.59
A story about "our" swan I wrote last summer but forgot to post. I hope you enjoy!

RTE Toy Show in Ireland

Christmas Time and Irish Tradition

My Top 10 Irish Sayings…plus 8 extras

ahhh sure, she's a grand old country if you could only roof her.
Many say the Irish have the “gift of the gab,” though that may be just a generalization, I have found it true that many...

Our version of the Pallet Wall in Ireland

As I wrote in my last post, the ease of renting and finding a home in Ireland has been amazing, especially after having moved...

Snow in Ireland

Last night our beautiful green island was covered in snow; at least in our area. I think it must have snowed about 2 inches...

Clean a Kettle in Ireland

Limescale is a problem in our area. Learning how to clean a kettle is the solution. We use water filters for our drinking water...

Discovering Mud Puddles and thinking about Wellies

Yesterday, I took my baby girl out for a walk. The sky was clear and the weather not too cold, unlike today, which is...

Ordinary Laundry in Ireland

Ordinary Laundry Days in Ireland. Clothes on the line.
Rachel posted about Irish Laundromats so I thought I’d share about an ordinary day doing laundry in Ireland for those who are interested. My little...

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