Lavender Bees Mother-daughter designs

Lavender Bees home-made soaps have been taking over local markets the last couple of months. The other day I had the opportunity to speak with Rachel, the sweet Irish/Aussie gal who makes the soap along with her mother in this mother-daughter small business. She brought me to her little workshop and garden where they diligently grow and hand-pick many of the items used in the soap. Then I was privileged to get to see part of the process that goes into the finished product. Impressive!


It takes approximately FOUR weeks to make a batch of soap! Each bar is researched, products grown, gathered and sometimes sun dried (flowers/herbs), mixed together and placed in designer mould/molds (Irish vs American spelling for you). After the soap dries enough to take form, it is taken from the mould and placed on a drying rack for four weeks. Once the soap is dried, Rachel checks each one to make sure the quality is acceptable for sale. They then package and label the soaps individually and take them to weekend markets.

Rachel and Jo make a new batch of soap nearly every day. They are constantly thinking of new ideas and researching the best natural products for healthy skin care. It is important to them that their products are as natural and organic as they are able to make them. Currently, they have shampoo bars, gentle baby soap, exfoliating face bars with oatmeal, Lavender bars, fizzy cupcake bath bombs, diaper rash and eczema salves, lemon and sage, aloe-vera, orange spice Christmas soap and many other varieties. Some of their soaps are without fragrance and specifically designed for those with very sensitive skin.

I have personally used the baby bar, baby shampoo, oatmeal face wash, lemon sage bar and lavender soap…I must say, they are my favourite…there is no going back to normal store-bought soaps if I can help it!

Looking for a hand-made, home-grown, Irish gift to bring home? Look no further, Lavender Bees is the best!


For more information contact: Rachel or Jo

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Heather Cammack
I came to live in Ireland several years ago following the love of my life…an Irish man. Now I’m happily married and the mother three. We live in the country with a view of an ancient castle ruins out our back windows and each day I am grateful to be alive, to be loved, to be here.