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Christmas Crafting in Ireland


Last Saturday I hosted some ladies from church for our monthly women’s breakfast, thinking it would be fun to do a Christmas craft with them. Paper crafting is one of my favorite things and it is not a common craft in Ireland. It is extremely difficult to find supplies, and when you finally do, they’re very expensive. So, because I brought all my crafting stuff from America when I came, I thought this would be a great opportunity and occasion to teach these ladies how simple it is to transform paper into something lovely and unique. I was so fortunate to come across a framing shop going out of business that also had paper crafting items. There she had a stack of Christmas 12×12 paper for only €3.99! In my own decorating I have never done traditional red and green for Christmas, but I decided to make examples for the women, and therefore I had quite a few red and green decorations. I decided to use them and do my kitchen in red and green this year.


We had a great turnout of women, everyone bringing a breakfast food item to share…yum yum! Mom and I made wassail to drink, apricot white chocolate pecan scones (our favorite of all time) and bacon, egg and cheese turnovers.

Now back to crafting. The night before the breakfast, as we were going to bed, I told Ben that if I were only hosting, I’d feel great. No stress. But the fact that I have to somehow show all of these women how to make paper crafts they have never done before was stifling. I know I should have only offered one or two projects, but I wanted them to have options so there were six to choose from! The week before I was busy making samples and deciding which ones would be doable and beautiful. On the day of the breakfast I asked if five women who weren’t starving would be willing to wait to eat so I could get them started on a project, thus explaining to them in batches. This approach was great, except that those five women didn’t necessarily all want to make the same thing at the same time :/ So let’s just say I was running back and forth between tables giving the step by step instructions. Everyone was very patient with me, and gladly my sister-in-law Heather was there to help people as well! I think each lady left happily with at least one, if not four, crafts in hand that they had made themselves. What a great sense of accomplishment they had…some of them were very challenged (especially with the paper tree easel card) and some of them were able to just chat away while they made a ribbon tree on a branch. All in all, I think we all had a splendid time together over food, wassail and paper crafting.

IMG_6514web IMG_6523web

Instead of giving the step by step of each craft, I’ve attached the link I used so you can go there yourself. Hope that’s alright.


ribbon tree on branch:


paper tree easel card:
for tree – http://www.hertoolbelt.com/rolled-paper-christmas-tree-ornament/
for card – http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/resources/tutorials/easelcard


circle ornaments:



modern ornaments:


napkin poinsettia on wreath:


large ornament on mantle:

3D star on mantle:

sparkle branches:
(I didn’t spray paint the branches first because I wanted a more natural look. Right. Because branches with gold sparkles are very natural…)

toilet paper roll wreaths:
Cut your toilet paper rolls into 3 or 4 equal sections, depending on the width you’d like. Then get out your hot glue gun and get to work! The shape is completely up to you. This snowflake/star (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cxz6fZIFZPE, http://www.kidskubby.com/toilet-paper-roll-crafts/22/) is another great idea I also did, but I gave it away before getting a photo.

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